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"I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy."
Samuel Adams            


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New Conservative Website Launched

A new conservative website was recently launched. It is based out of South Central Pennsylvania and is made up of a group of conservatives from that area. While still very much a work in progress, it promises to be a rather unique rallying point for conservatives and conservative news,

The site runs primary from user contributed content. The idea behind the site is that the people need to get involved with the Government. That means writing articles, commenting on content and gathering together for political change. Unlike many blog sites, this site features a dual moderated system. What that means is that all commments and all articles must be approved by at least two site moderators before beeing publicly available. Another very important aspect of the site is the lack of anonymity. One problem seen by the site creator is that, given the ability to post anonymously, some unscrupulous people will mascarde as others and try to create slanderous articles and blame others. Full registration and dual moderation stops this from happening. By registering on the site ahead of time, registered users will have effectively blocked people from stealing their identity.

Privacy is another big concern. As such, with the exception of a person's name, all other information will be kept private. This will help to ensure that things run smoothly. The site will not send email to people unless they ask to be emailed or if there is a specific question about an article that they've written.

All in all, the site appears to be a positive step in a conservative direction. we hope all would agree.

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