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"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it!"
Adolph Hitler            


Liberal and Socialist News

We have seen time and again that the liberal position is to lie, whip up the masses of people, engineer protests amd justify the curtailment and infringment of personal rights and liberties for the good of the people. Socialism is a slow, creeping thing. It is generally born out of despair. It sounds good to start, looks as it grows, become worrisome as it matures and oppresses as it's oppenents speak up. Speak up before the chains of slavery are upon us.

We invite anyone who is interested to submit articles or comment on whats been said here. We fully moderate all articles and you must register with the site to post anything. We have done this because we want to ensure that this site remains bastion of truth and information. If you see ANYTHING on this site that is incorrect, please contact us through the contact form. We will look into it immediately. Yes, we will even correct errors about Obama if they appear here.

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    So I made some paper people
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The Conservative Research Foundation is a group of Patriots who believe in the concept that individual liberty and freedom is the God given right of each American. To that end, we work to educate Americans about how far our Government has strayed from Constitutional foundations.

One of our core beliefs is that the U.S. Constitution is a contract between the people of this nation and its Government. We invite everyone to join us in this mission.