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"The said Constitution [shall] be never construed to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press..."
Samuel Adams            
U.S. Constitution ratification convention, 1788           

News Center...All the news, true and uncensored.

Welcome to our news center. We pride ourselves on publishing news that is true. While we do present things from a conservative viewpoint, we do not censor news because it talks about bad things that conservatives have done. We believe that the people should be involved in ensuring that the Government stays within its legal constraints and that politicians should have their feet held to the fire by "We the People". Given that, we welcome all writers to join The Silent Majority and contribute to the cause...

If you are looking for news in a particular area, you can choose from the sections below.

Consolidated News Center
This area contains all news items on the site. It covers local, state and national news on topics ranging from conservative and liberal politics, foriegn policy, citizen rights, health care, the environment and much more. Check this out to get all the news.

Conservative News
This section covers news of a pro-conservative nature. All the articles here can be found in the Consolidated News section as well. If you are looking for news and information from "both sides of the aisle", check there. If you are only interested in action taken toward conservative goals, look here.

Liberal/Socialist News
This area contains news from the Liberal arena.
All the articles here can be found in the Consolidated News section as well. The reason that we include "socialist" here is that the modern meaning of the word "liberal" is associated exclusively with what has traditionally been the socialist agenda.

This section allows you to sign-up for and opt-out of recieving our newsletter. You can also download any past issues that you may have missed.

RSS Feed
RSS feeds are continuously updated links to content on this site. They can be set to pipe news directly to your desktop, mobile phone or other digital device. If you need to get your news on the go, this is the place to start.

Article Submission
This site is for everyone and it is run by "We the People. Therefore, we ask people to write articles and commentary to be submitted to this site. This is your site and you make it possible. Click here if you have something to say.



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The Conservative Research Foundation is a group of Patriots who believe in the concept that individual liberty and freedom is the God given right of each American. To that end, we work to educate Americans about how far our Government has strayed from Constitutional foundations.

One of our core beliefs is that the U.S. Constitution is a contract between the people of this nation and its Government. We invite everyone to join us in this mission.